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Rosneft Deutschland produces Jet A-1 for into-plane fuelling in German airports. Aviation Turbine Fuel (AVTUR) or Jet Fuel is the name of a kerosene-type fuel of varying specifications, designed for use in aircraft and helicopter powered by gas-turbine engines. Jet fuel is essentially a middle distillate of the oil refining process, which is adjusted by different additives, according to the respective specification. The most common jet fuel types for commercial aviation are JET A and Jet A-1. Unlike other fuels, aviation turbine fuel ignites at a higher temperature, is almost residue-free when burnt and remains fluid at very low temperatures.

Over ten years Rosneft Aero (a Rosneft subsidiary) became a leader in the Russian market and is a reliable provider of fuelling services in a variety of airports in Russia and CIS both through its fuelling facilities and its partners’. Rosneft Deutschland’s aviation team is planning future growth in Germany and Europe.

In Germany Rosneft is currently represented at Berlin-Schönefeld (SXF), Berlin-Tegel (TXL) and Munich (MUC) airports.


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