Rosneft joins European bitumen association
Rosneft Deutschland Joins European Bitumen Association
26. April 2018
Vermarktung Petrochemischer Produkte
Rosneft Deutschland agreed on chemicals marketing starting 2019
28. June 2018

Rosneft Deutschland started deliveries of PMB Alfabit into the German market

Rosneft Deutschland GmbH, a Rosneft subsidiary, implemented first deliveries of Alfabit bitumen product to its customers in Germany. The PMB based on Rosneft’s own technology was produced in Schwedt using bitumen from PCK Refinery.

In order to supply customers from Germany and other countries with high-quality bitumen products Rosneft Deutschland intends to set up a sales network of PMB in Germany using the feed coming from PCK, Bayernoil and MIRO refineries.

The company adapted the formulation of Alfabit bitumen product, which successfully passed the tests in severe Russian climate conditions and demonstrated resistance to high loads. A distinctive feature of Alfabit is its high elasticity and wear resistance. Asphalt mixtures with addition of Alfabit PMB significantly increase the service life of pavement and extend interrepair operation time. PMB Alfabit was used, among other things, for road coating of the Formula 1 track in Sochi, which confirms the high level of product quality.


Notes for editors:

On January 22 2018, Rosneft Deutschland and BITUMINA Handel GmbH & Co. KG, a subsidiary of Basalt-Actien-Gesellschaft, signed a contract for bitumen processing and production of polymer-modified bitumen products The document provides for processing of bitumen produced by PCK refinery at the BITUMINA polymer-modified bitumen (PMB) plant for production of Alfabit PMB based on Rosneft’s own formulation. Signing of the contract with BITUMINA will enable Rosneft Deutschland to expand its product range, offering bitumen of own production with high performance to customers from Germany and other countries.