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4. July 2019
Rosneft erhöht Anteil an Bayernoil Raffinerie
Rosneft increases its share in Bayernoil refinery
20. January 2020

Rosneft joins the German aviation initiative for development of sustainable aviation fuels

Rosneft deutsche Luftfahrtinitiative Entwicklung nachhaltiger Flugkraftstoffe

Rosneft Deutschland, a Rosneft subsidiary, became a new member of aireg association (Aviation Initiative for Renewable Energy in Germany). The goal of aireg is to drive the research, production and usage of sustainable aviation fuels in Germany.

The organisation was founded in 2011. Aireg e.V. is committed to the availability and use of alternative energies in aviation in order reduce CO2 emissions in the aviation industry. The members of aireg come from all areas related to aviation: research at universities and large research institutions, plant manufacturers and operators, the petroleum industry, engine and aircraft manufacturers, airports and airlines.

Rosneft Deutschland General Director Brian Chesterman noted: “Rosneft Deutschland currently produces around 300 thousand tonnes of jet fuel annually and implements into-plane aviation fuel supply in Munich, Berlin-Tegel and Berlin-Schönefeld airports. The company aims to not only contribute to the increased supply needed to meet the growing demand for jet fuel but also contribute to enhance its environmental performance”.

Melanie Form, member of the board and head of the office, said: “Rosneft has extensive know-how in the production and processing of crude oils. In Germany, Rosneft is represented with its Jet A-1 Fuel for refuelling at numerous German airports. We are delighted to have won Rosneft as a member of aireg and look forward to investigating future possibilities to develop and market sustainable kerosene”.

Being an environmentally responsible company Rosneft constantly enhances production of highly technical types of petroleum products that can reduce environmental emissions and improve fuel efficiency. Today at all three refineries Rosneft Deutschland blends over 400 000 tonnes of biofuels annually, to produce cleaner road fuels.