25. June 2021

Rosneft Deutschland started fuelling in Nuremberg Airport

Rosneft Deutschland GmbH, a Rosneft subsidiary, commenced into-plane fuelling in Nuremberg Airport . The Company is planning regular supply of Jet A-1 fuel to the airport, adding to its presence geography: refueling is already in place at the airports of Berlin, Munich and Stuttgart. Jet fuel sales in Germany are part of Rosneft's long-term development strategy for this line of business. Rosneft Deutschland supplies jet fuel to a broad range of European and international airlines in Germany and plans further growth of this business both in the country and in Europe.
22. December 2020

Rosneft Deutschland starts supplies of new Alfabit grades with enhanced performance properties to Switzerland

Rosneft Deutschland GmbH, a Rosneft subsidiary, started deliveries of two new grades of the company’s proprietary polymer-modified bitumen product (PMB), Alfabit, to Switzerland. Both grades were specially formulated to be used at construction areas with high road traffic intensity in Swiss highland and mountain areas, where anti-rutting, anti-cracking as well as waterproofing and low-temperature resistance properties are highly required.
20. August 2020

Rosneft Starts Marketing Jet Fuel in Stuttgart Airport

Rosneft Deutschland GmbH, a subsidiary of Rosneft Oil Company, has launched its into-plane fuelling service in the airport of Stuttgart.

Jet fuel sales in Germany are part of Rosneft’s long-term development strategy for this business. The Company is consistent in its jet fuel supply expansion across Germany.


Rosneft in Germany

In 2017 Rosneft Deutschland GmbH (a Rosneft subsidiary) started operating business in Germany, key European market for refined products. The company manages feedstock supplies to Rosneft shares in PCK, MiRO and Bayernoil refineries as well as sales of refined products. Rosneft is the third largest crude oil refiner in the German market with a total refining throughput of approximately 12.5 million tons per year, representing more than 12% of the processing capacity in Germany. The three German refineries that Rosneft has a share in are amongst the most advanced refinery facilities in Western Europe. The average conversion rate of Rosneft‘s capacities in Germany is 93%, average Nelson complexity index is 9.1.Rosneft maintains the competitive position of its refineries by enhancing product yields and continually investing to increase reliability and efficiency. The company is developing its activities in order to be a reliable and competitive supplier of quality fuels in the German market.

Career at Rosneft Deutschland

Rosneft is a dynamically developing company interested in attracting goal-oriented, ambitious, energetic and creative people capable of team-work and willing to develop their professional knowledge and experience. The Company’s main asset is a team of highly skilled employees motivated to demonstrate superior performance.

Rosneft Deutschland is growing and is therefore always looking for new staff. The spectrum ranges from young professionals to experienced specialists and leadership positions. Discover current vacancies here.


Rosneft Deutschland has a strong portfolio with refinery capacities in PCK, MiRo and Bayernoil. With these assets, Rosneft counts to one of the leading wholesalers for mineral oil products in Germany. The company produces an entire range of petroleum products, around 60 types altogether. The products range includes gasoline, diesel, heating oil, jet fuel, LPG, bitumen, fuel oil and petrochemical products. The Company markets oil products not only from the three refineries directly, but also from more than 30 lifting locations throughout Germany via road, rail and barge. Rosneft Deutschland has an established customer base of more than 500 customers in Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Austria and France.


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