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Rosneft Deutschland has a strong portfolio with refinery capacities in PCK, MiRo and Bayernoil. With these assets, Rosneft counts to one of the leading wholesalers for mineral oil products in Germany. The company produces an entire range of petroleum products, around 60 types altogether. The products range includes gasoline, diesel, heating oil, jet fuel, LPG, bitumen, fuel oil and petrochemical products. The Company markets oil products not only from the three refineries directly, but also from more than 30 lifting locations throughout Germany via road, rail and barge. Rosneft Deutschland has an established customer base of more than 500 customers in Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Austria and France.


Main Fuels

The major share of Rosneft's production, which has been processed from well selected crude oils in the three German refineries, are main fuels: Gasoline, diesel and heating oil. Internally Rosneft Deutschland differentiates Main Fuels team into Commercial Supply and B2B Wholesale departments. 

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Aviation Fuel

Rosneft Deutschland produces Jet A-1 for into-plane fuelling in German airports. Aviation Turbine Fuel (AVTUR) or Jet Fuel is the name of a kerosene-type fuel of varying specifications, designed for use in aircraft and helicopter powered by gas-turbine engines. Jet fuel is essentially a middle distillate of the oil refining process, which is adjusted by different additives, according to the respective specification. The most common jet fuel types for commercial aviation are JET A and Jet A-1. Unlike other fuels, aviation turbine fuel ignites at a higher temperature, is almost residue-free when burnt and remains fluid at very low temperatures.

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Whilst energy content is the most important factor with almost all petroleum products, bitumen is a material, for which durability, consistently high quality, safe use and ability to be recycled are key criteria. By carefully selecting suitable types of crude oil, Rosneft Deutschland not only produces standardised road-building bitumen for industrial applications in the holding refineries, but also produces a wide range of specialties in these facilities, such as polymer-modified bitumen, which is sold under the "Alfabit" brand.

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Heavy oil is produced primarily from residue during the distillation of other products.
HFO are mostly used as fuel for maritime industry, as well as at power plants for power generation and the generation of process steam amongst other things.

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Rosneft produces petroleum coke used for many applications in carbon industry.
Product range includes both fuel and anode grades, as well as calcined coke.

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Liquid gases are produced using cooling or compression. They are produced as a by-product of oil refining, or more specifically, are side products of extraction. Rosneft Deutschland produces LPG: propane, butane and autogas.

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All chemistry processes and their products for which natural gas and suitable components of oil are raw materials fall under petrochemistry or petrol chemistry. The products of petrochemistry are fundamental chemicals for a multitude of intermediate and end products, such as plastics, foams, fertilisers and dyes amongst many others. Rosneft Deutschland produces a range of petrochemical products.

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