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Rosneft Deutschland sells bitumen in Germany and neighbouring countries, providing commercial volumes of pavement and industrial bitumen as well as PMB. The Company cooperates with Rosneft Bitumen (a Rosneft Subsidiary), which is a reliable producer of a broad range of high quality products through a professional distribution network in Russia and aims to bring world-class bitumen solutions to the market.

Rosneft Deutschland adapted the formulation of Alfabit PMB, which successfully passed the tests in severe Russian climate conditions and demonstrated resistance to high loads. In order to supply customers with high-quality bitumen products Rosneft Deutschland set up the sales network of PMB in Germany using the feed coming from PCK, Bayernoil and MIRO refineries.


Product availability per loading point

 PCK SchwedtBAYERNOIL VohburgMIRO Karlsruhe
Normal Paving Grade
EN 12591
  RN Bitumen 160/220
RN Bitumen 70/100RN Bitumen 70/100RN Bitumen 70/100
RN Bitumen 50/70RN Bitumen 50/70RN Bitumen 50/70
 RN Bitumen 10/20 
Oxid Bitumen  RN Bitumen 95/40
  RN Bitumen 85/25
 PmB SchwedtBAYERNOIL VohburgPmB Mannheim
Polymer Modified Bitumen
EN 14023
Alfabit 45/80-50AAlfabit 45/80-50AAlfabit 45/80-50A
Alfabit 25/55-55AAlfabit 25/55-55AAlfabit 25/55-55A
Alfabit 10/40-65AAlfabit 10/40-65AAlfabit 10/40-65A
Alfabit 40/100-65AAlfabit 40/100-65AAlfabit 40/100-65A
Polymer Modified Bitumen
Special Grades
Alfabit 45/80-50 RCAlfabit 45/80-50 RCAlfabit 45/80-50 RC
Alfabit 25/55-55 RCAlfabit 25/55-55 RCAlfabit 25/55-55 RC
Alfabit 10/40-65 RCAlfabit 10/40-65 RCAlfabit 10/40-65 RC