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Main Fuels

The major share of Rosneft Deutschland GmbH’s production, which has been processed from well selected crude oils in the three German refineries, are main fuels: gasoline, diesel and heating oil.

Rosneft Deutschland GmbH distributes its main fuels not only from the refineries but also from terminals and depots across Germany making it possible to supply customers in almost every region of the country.

The Main Fuels department is divided into the Commercial Supply and B2B Wholesale team.

The Commercial Supply team focuses primarily on onward delivery of products from depots across the country via rail or water.

The B2B Wholesale team sells the products to local dealers, gas station owners or other wholesale companies with a focus on transport by truck.

In accordance with European and German legislation Rosneft Deutschland GmbH also uses biodiesel, bioethanol and renewable paraffinic diesel from hydrogen treatment to produce more sustainable fuels.


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