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Main Fuels


The major share of Rosneft Deutschland’s production, which has been processed from well selected crude oils in the three German refineries, are main fuels:
Gasoline, diesel and heating oil.

The company distributes its main fuels not only from the refineries but also from terminals and depots across Germany making it possible to supply customers in almost every region of the country.

Internally Rosneft Deutschland differentiates Main Fuels team into Commercial Supply and B2B Wholesale departments.
Commercial Supply mainly focuses onto the re-supply of product into depots all across Germany by rail- or waterway. B2B Wholesale is selling the product to local distributors, gas-station owners or other wholesale companies with focus on product movements by truck. The company also produces feedstocks and valuable high-octane components of automotive gasoline like Alkylate and ETBE.

In accordance with European and German legislation, Rosneft uses biodiesel, bioethanol and renewable paraffinic diesel fuel from hydrotreatment to produce ecologically cleaner road fuels. At various terminals and refineries across Germany Rosneft Deutschland GmbH blends over 500 000 tonnes of these Biofuels annually. These road fuels blended with Biofuels are then supplied to customers across Germany, Poland, Austria and Czechia.


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