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The major share of Rosneft's production, which has been processed from well selected crude oils in the three German refineries, are main fuels: Gasoline, diesel and heating oil.

Gasoline is a volatile and flammable fuel, created for the internal combustion in modern cars. Its quality is differentiated according to the octane number and its Ethanol content. Super gasoline, with at least 95 octane, typically contains 4,8 % up to 9,8 % of Ethanol. Super Plus is defined with at least 98 octane.

Diesel, mainly used as fuel in transportation business and for the agricultural sector is one of the most important liquids in modern industries. Ultra low sulphur Diesel is used in vehicles as well as in machines.

The Diesel quality is measured in its cetane number, providing information about the combustibility. Producing diesel, Rosneft Deutschland also pays attention to sulphur content, temperature attitudes and the ratio of bio content blended with (currently up to 6,8 %) Biodiesel, extracted from different biological sources.

Heating oil is the most commonly used liquid for heating purposes in buildings.
 Additionally it is used to generate warm water in a plenty of households. 

Internally Rosneft Deutschland differentiates Main Fuels team into Commercial Supply and B2B Wholesale departments. 

Commercial Supply mainly focuses onto the re-supply of product into depots all across Germany by rail- or waterway. B2B Wholesale is selling the product to local distributors, gas-station owners or other wholesale companies with focus on product movements by truck.


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